Directed Study In Photography

Professor Jill Frank

Jill is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Georgia State University in the Welch School of Art and Design where she teaches beginning, advanced, and graduate courses in photography.

Amanda Boone

Amanda is a Junior BFA Photography major at GSU whose work was recently shown at the school’s  22nd Annual Juried  Student Exhibition.  

Eboni Watson

Eboni is a Junior BFA student working on artificial substitutions in the yard and how they coexist and has recently participated in the recent Juried show at GSU. 

Jasmine Corbin

Jasmine Corbin is a current Junior BFA Photography major at Georgia State University.  Her passion and  mission as a creative is to embrace all feminine culture and to uplift and empower women, specifically black,  through her photo art. She has participated in many exhibitions including her own Solo exhibition right here at Georgia State University Gallery Space.  

Kevin Balaun

Kevin is junior BFA Photo major at GSU who’s work focuses on the built environment and where natures place is in the modern world. 

Madisyn Epps-Johnson

Madisyn is an upcoming senior BFA Candidate with a concentration in Photography at Georgia State University exploring identity through routines, objects, spaces, and self-presentation.

Markiesha Thornton

Markiesha is a BFA photography major at Georgia State University whose work explores the complexities and politics of intersecting identities while navigating what it means to be an African American artist. 

Nia Hemmitt

Nia is a Junior BFA photo major at GSU focusing on race and identity issues within the black community. She has participated in many exhibitions; she has been in the Juried show at GSU for the last 3 years in a row.

Piper Broaddus

Piper is a Junior BFA photo major at Georgia State University whose main focus is portraiture, but is recently exploring intimate photography and still life in her work.

Riley McBride

Riley McBride is a Junior BFA Photo major at Georgia State University. She explores themes of intimacy, identity, and the complex relationships that exist within domestic spaces. She recently exhibited her photos in the 2020 Annual Juried Student Exhibition at GSU where she was awarded Juror’s Choice Award and second place in the show. 

Toi Ramey

Toi is currently a Junior BFA photo major at Georgia State University working on the exploration of herself through family and everyday spaces.  

Tyler Brantley

Tyler Brantley is a BFA photo major at GSU interested in exploring the connections between gender, identity and the body and seeks to question universal themes through a personal lens.